Treatment options

Eye Drops

For most people, daily eye drop treatment is sufficient to lower the eye pressure to a level at which glaucoma is less likely to progress. Eye drops may be required every day for the rest of your life in order to prevent loss of vision so it’s important to develop a routine for taking them. Treatment works but if you stop taking your eye drops, the pressure will increase once again.


A laser is a fine light beam that can be focused and aimed precisely in order to treat tiny areas of tissue. A variety of laser surgery treatments are used to help fluid leave the eye more easily or reduce fluid production.


Only a small proportion of people with glaucoma ever need surgery. It is more effective in attaining lower eye pressure and protecting against loss of vision in the long term when compared to eye drops or laser. Surgery is recommended when there is a risk of losing vision and other treatment is insufficient or not tolerated. It will almost certainly not improve vision nor recover any vision that has been lost. Glaucoma surgery is both complex and delicate and so is highly specialised. When surgery works well, eye drops are often no longer required.