Glaucoma & driving

If glaucoma has caused any damage to the field of vision of both eyes and you drive a car, you must inform the DVLA. They may seek assurances that your vision meets the requirements of law and ask you to undergo vision testing by an optician on their panel. You should also inform your motor insurance company because not to do so may be considered a significant omission that could invalidate your motor insurance policy.

It may be permissible to drive if the areas of poor vision do not overlap and there is a full field of vision when both eyes are open. The visual field test that is used to assess suitability for driving is more straightforward than that used to assess glaucoma – both eyes are open and the spots of light are of a standard brightness to check that a minimum standard is met. The test environment should meet recommended conditions and up to three tests may be taken if the first of second are inaccurate.

If your field of vision becomes damaged significantly by glaucoma, you might not meet the legal driving requirement and may have to stop driving.