Diabetes & driving

Vision may be reduced by diabetic eye disease or the laser treatment that is often required to control it. In addition to the usual visual standards, the standards below apply to holders of a group 1 license. Different standards may apply to other license groups and full information is available from the DVLA.

You must inform the DVLA if you take insulin or tablets for your diabetes, develop diabetic eye problems affecting your visual acuity or visual field, or if you fail to meet the required visual standard for any reason. The DVLA will then send a detailed letter of explanation about your licence and driving.

If your diabetes is managed by diet alone, you need not notify DVLA unless you develop relevant disabilities eg. diabetic eye problems affecting visual acuity or visual field or if insulin is required.

If you take insulin, you must be able to recognise warning symptoms of hypoglycaemia. If you have impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia, you must stop driving and may resume provided a report from your Consultant or GP shows that awareness of hypoglycaemia has been regained. If you suffer frequent hypoglycaemic episodes likely to impair driving, you must cease driving until satisfactory control is re-established and provide a consultant or GP report.