Why go privately?

Once it is clear that surgery is needed, patients are usually keen to proceed without delay rather than face a long wait, particularly if it will improve vision. Every patient wants a safe operation that is quick, pain-free and in which risk is minimised and the outcome good. Surgeons earn their reputation for good care by putting traditional values of convenience and personal service into a contemporary context – focusing on the things that are important to you and doing them well.

By choosing personalised car,  you to decide who looks after you and ensure that you deal with the same experienced Consultant Surgeon at every visit, who will take sufficient time to explain your eye condition, answer your questions, plan each procedure carefully and provide the highest standard of care and decision making for you. Mr Greaney will personally carry out every aspect of your assessment, surgery and follow-up care and oversee all arrangements.

Appointments and surgery may be arranged simply, promptly and flexibly, to suit you. Under normal circumstances it is quite usual to arrange private eye surgery at a weeks notice and to have surgery for the second eye a week later if that is what is required. Arrangements take a few weeks longer than this at the moment because of the restrictions that are in place to prevent the Corona Virus entering hospitals.

Experienced surgeons achieve better outcomes and encounter fewer problems because they have developed a higher level of skill, precision and consistency as well as the experience to adapt surgery to the requirements of each patient and the peculiarities of each eye.

A range of lens implants and other refinements can be used that are not available through usual healthcare programmes; for many patients this means better vision with less dependence on glasses.

Should the unexpected happen, it helps to have a very experienced surgeon. There is the additional reassurance of knowing that you can contact your Surgeon directly at any time should you have questions or difficulties.