Recovery of vision

Cataract surgery should produce a noticeable improvement in vision for eyes that are otherwise healthy. The vision is often blurred and bright the day after surgery but quickly improves after that. Things appear brighter and sharper with improved contrast and more vivid colours. You should find everyday activities easier and safer and most people gain greater self-confidence and independence.

Glasses can usually make the vision even clearer and for some, the full improvement in vision may be achieved only when wearing them. In this regard, it is best to wait a few weeks while vision stabilises, before visiting an optician. Alternatively, if your vision is clear for distance, you may find that a simple, off-the-shelf pair of reading glasses is all you require and you can start using them the day after surgery.

Many people find that their vision is sufficient for driving a few days after surgery but others may need to wait until their glasses have been altered.