Lens implants

Lens implants are made in a range of focus powers and so, the insertion of a new lens is an opportunity to reset the focus of the eye. It is usual to aim for good distance vision to minimise the need for glasses after surgery. Even if you are long or short sighted or have astigmatism, it is possible to correct this with the right choice of implant.

Modern lens implants are designed to last your lifetime. They are made of materials such as acrylic that do not cause a reaction inside the eye. In skilled hands, they reduce the likelihood of scarring of the membrane that holds the implant in position.

A standard monofocal lens implant works perfectly well for most eyes but around 30% of people are likely to gain added benefit for their vision from non-standard and newer lens designs that are more specific to their eyes and visual needs.

Astigmatism can not be corrected by a standard lens and may require a special toric lens if you wish to avoid blurred distance vision and the need for glasses following your surgery. This is analogous to the benefit of having a pair of glasses that is custom made by an optician over an “off the shelf” pair that is not accurate.